Wednesday, July 11, 2012


As the day goes on I am becoming more and more angry about everything. How dare he! How fucking dare he do that to me. What a freaking piece of shit. I wonder if he can look in the mirror. He probably can because he is a narcissist and doesn't think anything he does is wrong. Everyone else is wrong, not him. I am so completely and utterly disgusted. I hope that karma will pay him back. Well I know it will. As I know karma will get me for all the things I've done, good and bad. I do have to say that he has the propensity to screw his life up. He did it so many times while we were together, it's no wonder he felt the need to lie to make himself feel better about who he really is and what was going on in his life. Sadly what was really going on this time was probably more interesting than the lies.

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