Thursday, July 12, 2012

As my anger fades away...

It is really hard to stay angry about something when it happened in the past. When I think about him all I feel is contempt, but my life is so great right now that I can't let someone as stupid and as unkind as he is, and was, to drag me down. I am so happy about where I am now. I'm living for me and I know for a fact I am going to meet someone who is wonderful and deserves me very soon. I now know that my ex never deserved me and he was borderline verbally abusive sometimes. I wasn't a peach either, but damn my eyes were closed so tight when it came to him and now they wide open. I think this may be my last post about him. I hope it is. The only way I am going to post about him again is if he contacts me, which if he does I'm going to tell him to go away in a not so nice manner. I am going to focus solely on me and my life because he is my past and I am my future. I refuse to let his stupidity and unkindness shape who I am.

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